Pre / Post Care for Laser Treatments

Pre-Treatment Instructions:

1. Avoid sun exposure for 6 weeks prior to and after final treatment

2. Do not use sunbeds

3. Do not use fake tan for 10 days

4. Discontinue AHA's, retinoids, exfoliants etc. 1 week prior to treatments

5. Remove all traces of make-up

6. Do not bleach, wax or tweeze hair 4 weeks before treatments

7. Roaccutane should be discontinued 6-9 months prior to treatments

8. Shave the area day before or day of treatments

9. Do not use deodorants, creams, SPF etc. On day of treatment

Post-Treatment Instuctions:

1. The area treated will feel mildly sunburnt

2. Redness and/or swelling may be present immediately after treatment and lasts a few hours to a few days

3. Cool compresses may be applied

4. Occasionally there may be blistering

5. Make-up may be used immediately after treatment

6. Avoid sun exposure, extremes of hot or cold, saunas, steam, hot showers, and hot baths

7. Tepid showers are permitted

8. Avoid vigorous exercise for 1 to 3 days

9. Always use SPF 30

10. Wash the skin gently with gentle cleansers, avoiding fragrance

11. Shave or trim the hair when necessary

12. Inform the practitioner of all medications

13. Do not have laser treatment if you have permanent or semi-permanent make-up

14. Do not irritate the skin post laser treatments